The word Pedicure is derived from the Latin words ‘cura’ meaning ‘care’, and pedis–’of the feet’. While our feet and nails may be covered up most of the time, when they are seen they are noticed–and when they are noticed, impressions count.

- Reduce stress & improve circulation
- Exfoliate & moisturise the skin of the feet
- Strengthen your nails
- Discourage wrinkling
- Remove cuticles & discourage hang-nail formation

Our feet take a beating every day, with the average person taking between 8,000 and 10,000 steps every day. By taking care of our feet, we not only reduce the stress associated with continuous strain on the foot, but also enjoy a host of other therapeutical benefits.

The circulation of the feet is improved, and the skin is moisturised using a combination of waxes, oils and creams that also help exfoliate dead skin. The nails of the feet are strengthened, cuticles are removed, and the danger of hang-nail is significantly reduced.

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