Paraffin Treatments

Paraffin treatments utilise warm oil-based wax to relieve pain in the hands and feet, and to soften the skin. The benefits of paraffin treatments go back to Roman times, when they were used to prepare the body for massage treatments. Paraffin was later used by the French to accelerate the healing of wounds, and in World War I by the British to treat orthopedic disorders.

- Softens the skin
- Reduces dry & cracked skin
- Reduces the symptoms of many conditions–including Arthritis, inflammation & Eczema

When the skin is submerged in warm wax, the pores of the skin open and are purged of impurities–the skin is further moisturised to relieve dry or cracked skin. It is a treatment that has a wide range of benefits including reducing the symptoms of Arthritis, Inflammation, Eczema, and many more.

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