The word Manicure is derived from the Latin words ‘cura’ meaning ‘care’, and manus–’of the hands’. Think about how often people see and feel each other’s hands and nails, through a handshake or caress. Perhaps one of the most neglected parts of our bodies, the touch is one of the most important ways human beings communicate with one another. By having a manicure at our Sydney beauty salon, you’ll benefit from over 10 years’ experience in massage and skin care in a relaxing and private environment.

- Reduce stress & improve circulation
- Exfoliate & moisturise the skin of the hands
- Strengthen your nails
- Discourage wrinkling
- Remove cuticles & discourage hang-nail formation

The hands are massaged and given therapeutic baths, and the pain commonly associated with too much arthritis or computer work is reduced. A manicure at our Sydney Double Bay salon guarantees the softest, best looking hands you’ve ever had.

Our soothing manicures reduce stress and are an incredibly relaxing experience. Through the use of waxes, oils and creams our manicures help exfoliate the skin of the hands and moisturise the skin, while strengthening the nails.

The skin of the hands is exfoliated and cuticles are removed, removing dead skin and leaving the skin looking soft and supple.

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