What is Eyebrow Tinting?

If you are wondering just what “tinting eyebrows” entails, don’t worry: You’re not alone. Beauty blogs and magazines are often bombarded with questions from confused women who have just changed their hair colour, and are now left with brows that don’t match their new hue. If you’ve found yourself in this situation, here are some quick tips on how to go about tinting eyebrows… and why it should be left to beauty professionals.

Why At-Home Brow Tinting is a No-no

Most beauty professionals would recommend that you don’t try tinting eyebrows at home. When you have your brows tinted in a salon, your stylist will have you lay flat so that there is no chance that any bleach or dye will run into your eyes. If you choose to tint your brows at home, you will most likely need to stand upright in front of a mirror so that you can see what you are doing. Positioned this way, there is a serious risk of dye dripping in to your eyes, which can cause not only eye damage, but poses the potential risk for blindness.

Colour Accuracy is Vital

Another important reason that you should leave tinting eyebrows to the beauty professionals is the simple reason that they are the experts in colour, and walking around with a disaster dye job on your face would almost be worse than walking around with it on your head. Few stylists will actually dye the brows to match the hair colour perfectly; rather, they will slightly darken or lighten the brows so that the eyebrows match the hair better, but not exactly. Eyebrows that match the hair perfectly are actually sort of unnatural looking; both brunettes and blondes typically have brows that are a few shades darker than their hair, and redheads with matching eyebrows almost always have a cartoon-like effect.

Always Use Your Salon Color

If you are having your hair coloured professionally, the brow tinting should always be a part of the process where possible… no exceptions. If your stylist is blowing out your newly coloured hair and you notice that it is not a good fit for your brows, it is imperative that you speak up and ensure that it is corrected before you walk out. Some stylists won’t say anything if they have another client coming and need to stay on schedule, but they will not disagree with you or refuse to correct the problem if you bring it up.

When it comes to eyebrow tinting, it’s best to leave it to beauty professionals. And above all else? Your eyebrows are the colour that they are for a reason – if you are on the fence about a new hair hue, your brows are a great way to determine whether or not the look will work for you.

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