Fitness Tips for Beautiful Skin

Everyone knows that exercise is good for staying fit and keeping in shape.  What you may not know is that regular exercise can also do wonders for your skin and fitness health.

Read on for our Fitness Tips for Beautiful Skin

Exercise increases your blood flow.  Blood carries oxygen and nutrients throughout your body, which helps to nourish your skin cells.  This helps replenish your skin cells and flush away the bad ones.

Exercise decreases stress. Stress can cause or worsen acne and other skin conditions.  By exercising and decreasing stress, you’re doing your skin and fitness health a big favour. Yoga and Pilates are especially great for unwinding and relieving stress.

Working up a sweat can work wonders on your skin.

Exercise makes you sweat.  Sweat helps to remove impurities that clog your pores.

Exercise makes you glow. Exercising causes your skin to produce natural oils which make your skin radiate. Your skin will look soft, healthy and gorgeous.

What To Avoid For Healthy Skin

Sunburn. If you’re exercising outside, especially on sunny days, make sure you’re wearing waterproof sunscreen to avoid getting sunburnt. Waterproof is important – if you get hot and sweaty your sweat might wash away the sunscreen rendering it useless.  Add extra protection to your face by wearing a hat or visor.

Chafing. Chafing can lead to rashes on your skin, which don’t look great and are also quite uncomfortable. Avoid chafing by wearing loose fitting clothing or workout gear that breathes or draws moisture away from your skin.

Pimples. Don’t wear makeup when you work out. Also wash your face or shower as soon after exercising as possible. Remember when we said that sweat helps to remove impurities that clog your pores? Unless you thoroughly wash these impurities and sweat away, they’ll sit on your skin and cause breakouts.

Dehydration. Exercising can cause your skin to become dehydrated. Avoid this by drinking plenty of water.

Stay fit, and keep your skin glowing and gorgeous by exercising regularly.



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